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This site is about history and present time of narrow gauge railways in Poland. It is still being enlarged and I dream that in the future it will be a place including every information about this specific hobby. In this time in Poland there are thirteen operators who manage narrow gauge railways.

The present version of the site is more transparent so you are able to find every information fast and easy. You can also mail me and suggest what should be changed. All lines are divided for Public (Koleje publiczne) and Industrial Railways (Koleje przemysłowe). Every line has its chapters: History (Historia), Current timetable (Rozkład), Railway line (Linia), Gallery (Galeria) and Archival timetables (Rozkłady archiwalne). Unfortunately not all chapters are ready to be read but I gradually complete them. You can also visit our other sites: Tabor ( - rolling stocks which was and is still used by narrow gauge railways) and Klimaty (exceptional gallery of photographs).

Thanks to Paweł Cieślar, Stanisław Cywiński, Bernhard Danish, Jakub Halor, Michał Izydorczak, Paweł Korcz, Paweł Mierosławski, Paweł Niemczuk, Wojciech Nowotniak, Bartosz Paluchowski, Mariusz Senderowski, Piotr Staszewski, Michał Stateczny, Marek Szymański, Andrzej Tajchert, Marcin Wojda, Sylwia Wojda, Przemysław Żywicki. They are always ready to give a hand.

This site is only my hobby-site and it is not an official site of any operator etc. Current timetables are published without responsibility and you ought to contact operator to make you sure. The site was created for Internet Explorer 6.0 and 1024x768 px screen resolution.

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